I have been creating and editing websites for my own use since the early 2000's to support my class material, outreach activities and my rental property business.   Initially I used Wix to host classroom materials and Dreamweaver with Network Solutions to host a website for Family Science Night.   These websites are no longer in use.    Other larger sites I've worked have supported have recently been significantly updated and maintenance roles include:

I created this Wordpress website as a resource for my rental property guests.   Originally, I just had one rental property (hence the domain name) but now have 2.  I provide guests with password protected information about both properties, and information about the area.   

Weather API  for Santa Fe and San Diego

Created two pages on my vacation rental site with 2 weather AJAX  API integrations (NOAA and  for current and forecasted  weather conditions in Santa Fe and San Diego.  Javascript event handlers coded for toggling the full forecast.

Using PHP,  I created a form that creates a sample quote for a reservation at the 2 properties that I rent.   Using jQuery calendar inputs and validation.  I created the PHP form handling pages and coded confirmation emails.

Javascript calculator homework assignment.

A javascript generated multiplication table created based on user input and styled automatically, so that the diagonal is green and top row and left colums are colored.   All table rows are generated based on input.